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Bust-Full Cream: Ingredients, Review and Price

Bust-Full Cream: Ingredients, Review and Price

In the world today, every woman wants to carry herself with grace, confidence and poise. Her appearance adds to that level of confidence and she makes a conscious effort to ensure that her aura stays vibrant and assertive.

In such a context, age should not become a factor that leads to the deterioration of such a positive outlook and disposition.

A woman holds her physical appearance in considerable importance and her bust is a vital aspect that adds to her ethereal beauty and innate nature as a caregiver, or motherhood, for that instance. We all have had many insecurities and to some women, breast size and sagging is the most insecure thing in their lives.

What is breast sagging?

Have you seen your Barbie dolls we would play within our childhood days? Those perfect skinny body with a proper perked up round bosoms dressed with beautiful red décolletage dresses? Have you seen old ladies breasts which feel like their breasts are a part of their waist and not the chest? Do you notice this enormous difference? This is sagging of the breasts.

Medically, sagging is called Mastoptosis. Ptosis of the breast is a natural phenomenon occurring in all women. Many factors play a role such as your age, your genes, your size, your skeletal structure, your nutrition, number of pregnancies.

Why does it sag?

Why should the breast sag? After all, it also has muscle and should it not hold? Muscle? Does it contain muscle? The most common myth is that breasts have muscles that hold them in position. No. Breasts are made up of fat and glands which produce milk. It is held in place by ligaments that are tight cords called Cooper’s ligaments. The entire structure is covered by skin which is elastic due to the presence of a protein called elastin.

Gravity is good but is a devil for our breasts! Due to ageing, like in any other part, skin starts to wrinkle as the protein elastin gradually decreases. Its ability to keep the skin elastic is lost. The ligaments lose their ability to hold the breasts in position, against gravity and hence breasts tend to sag below. This is normal. Alas, there isn’t a thing anyone can do about it but accept.


We can accept the fact that old age makes me wiser and beauty is not a thing for me at that age but there is no acceptance to have a saggy baggy breast until I’m more than 70! No way! Then how can the breasts sag before the age of 70? Or even 30 for that matter! Many causes. Lack of proper support with a properly sized brassiere, smoking, weight gain or rapid weight loss, multiple pregnancies.

  1. Lack of proper support: When the size of the brassiere is too small or large, breasts don’t hang well and are subjected to stress throughout the day. Eventually leading to sagging.
  2. Smoking: So you thought smoking only causes lung cancer? It destroys your elastin. Your breasts go pendulous and your skin wrinkles. In five to ten years. That’s how soon.
  3. Weight: Being obese adds stress on your breasts and fat tends to accumulate in the breasts. Ligaments get stretched and hence your breasts sag down. Also, rapidly losing weight does not remove fat from the breasts, instead it weakens the skin and the ligaments.
  4. Multiple pregnancies: While giving birth to a child is joyfulness and fulfilment on its own, it is also a major cause for sagging of breasts. Breasts secrete milk after birth and due to its functioning it increases in size. It also returns to its normal size after a while but multiple pregnancies has a tendency to not revert the breasts back to their normal form.

But I don’t have a sagging breast. I hardly have any breast…

This is another major worry of women who are petite and get ridiculed for having a flat chest. It is not good not to have enough voluminous breasts. Despite eating everything and exercising there is no increase in the breast size. What to do? Augmentation with surgery? Is that the only way?

Good thing is that all these breast-related problems have a solution!

While I went through many of these phases myself, pregnancies, weight gain, I faced a lot of derision, mockery and humiliations for the bag of sweet-limes I had. They sagged, they moved with each turn, they never let me wear a low cut neck, I don’t even remember what it felt to be confident in a dress. I was distressed, sad and downtrodden, a given-up-hope candidate while I saw my other friends having the perfect breasts round and perked up.

All I could do was fake mine with a push-up bra or a long-shot thought about getting a surgery done. How would it feel to tell your husband you need a surgery to perk up your breasts? Not so nice. Did I find a solution? You bet. I found my way. After years of distress and worry I came across this advertisement. It was just a cream. Why don’t I try it? After all it said massage your breasts with this. I thought maybe I’ll give it a try. And voila! My breasts are a lot firmer and round and bigger than I have seen myself a month before!

Bust-full Cream

Bust-Full Cream: Ingredients, Review and Price

A natural product that helps to increase the mass of the breast two cup size, augment it, give it a shape and hold it firmer.

Natural what?

Bust full cream is a mixture of three essential components Deoxymiroestrol, Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract, Rose Essential Oil

Deoxymiroestrol: A phytoestrogen, is an estrogen derivative, a natural hormone in your body that makes your breasts swell just before your periods. It is safe and functions exactly like your hormone and keeps your breasts fuller by promoting breast growth.

Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract: Long known natural breast augmentation herb that has been used by millions of women world-wide to enhance the volume of the breast naturally. Studies have shown to support this way of natural enhancement a far healthier option than many complex surgeries.

Rose Essential Oil: A common ingredient in all natural cosmetics that is proven to increase skin’s resilience and elasticity. It rejuvenates the skin and clears away any stretch marks and delays ageing and shrinking.

How do I use this?

We all love to spend time on keeping our body healthy. And if it is our breasts we take tender care. We know that breast massages are healthy, refreshing. All that needs to be done is massage for 15 minutes with this cream.

  1. On a clean breast, apply a liberal amount of Bust-full cream on your breast and massage the breast gently and firmly in a clockwise manner from the areola to the outside. Repeat the steps until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin. Do it several times
  2. Repeat the same on the other breast
  3. In the end massage both the breasts from below upwards in a clockwise manner to finish where you started.
  4. Do it twice a day to see the results yourself within a month.

Does it really work?

Expert opinions from various doctors have been attested to be true. The cream is a best choice for augmentation and prevention of sagging of the breasts.

Many women all over the world have used it and felt their confidence return and expressed their gratitude in various blogs.


bustfull price

But I’m not so easily budged. What did I do? I trusted no one and bought the cream to confirm myself. I used it for a month and the results were a shock to me. I would recommend you to try it and then believe it.

Don’t let your breasts decide your confidence and the power you exude in the world. This product is sure to give you the life you desired. Freedom from doubt and insecurities are a past after you’ve experienced the benefit of bust-full cream.

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