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Follicle Rx: Advance Hair Growth Formula (3495 INR/Bottle)

Follicle Rx: Advance Hair Growth Formula (3495 INR/Bottle)

There was a time when men worried about losing their hair in their 40’s and 50’s. But that is not the case now. Men in their 20’s are losing their hair ever so faster. Men who are getting married have are usually bald these days. It is indeed worrying.

I am 28 and I was almost going bald. My hairs were on my pillow, bathroom sink, my towel. Everywhere but my scalp. This was when I realized it is the time to do something before I lose all my hair one morning. After a lot of surfing the internet, consulting several dermatologists and trichologists I came up with my personalized theory about hair loss and how to prevent it.

What is the normal physiology of the Hair?

Hair has no vital function in humans, yet its psychological functions are extremely important. If the inevitability of scalp baldness makes it reluctantly tolerable to genetically disposed men, in women, loss of hair from the scalp is distressing as is the growth of body or facial hair in excess of the culturally accepted norm.

Hair is a part of the human body which covers the skin at almost all areas of the body. It offers a human the protection, and also transmits sensory tactile information. More importantly it offers a good cosmetic appearance to a person.

Let us understand the physiology of Hair growth

Our skin has about hundred thousand hair follicles. Hair follicles are tiny structures that contain tiny growth cells which grow into hairs. Hair is the keratinized product of the hair follicle, a tube-like structure continuous with the skin at its upper end. Most of the follicles are in the superficial skin but some go deep into the skin layer as well.
According to Textbook of Dermatology, Hair follicles undergo a repetitive sequence of growth and rest known as the hair cycle. The timing of the phases of the hair cycle and its overall duration varies between species, between follicles in different regions of the skin in the same species and, in some animals, between different follicle types, such as guard hairs and under hairs, in the same region of the skin.

Each hair follicle undergoes four phases of hair growth cycle:

  • Anagen: This is the period of period of active hair growth, the duration of this phase is responsible for determining the final length of the hair. At any point of time 90% of all your hair follicles in the body are in Anagen phase. This phase lasts for 2-6 years.
  • Catagen: This is a phase that indicates the retardation active hair growth. This lasts for about 3-4 weeks.
  • Telogen: The period between the completion of follicular regression and the onset of the next anagen phase is termed telogen. This phase lasts for 2-3 months.
  • Kenogen: This is a phase where most of the hairs on the scalp are in. That is in a phase of latency.

What leads to hair loss? What are the factors?

While losing about 70-100 strands of hairs per day is a normal phenomenon and they grow back at the rate of 1cm/month, anything more than that would be alarming to an individual. It breaks havoc and creates a dread about the future bald-self. There are certain factors that are accelerating this process of hair loss.

Experts from Switzerland have told us that there are about four major factors for accelerating hair loss.

  1. Genetics: Genes decide our body. Our shape, size, physiology. Even with hairs, genes decide their color and their duration of life. Earlier it was until late 40’s that males who had a recessive gene for baldness showed loss of hair on the scalp. But these days, various factors accelerate the time and it has been brought down to less than 30 years at which a male is almost bald. Most common type of baldness is the one called Androgenic Alopecia, medically. Your parents perhaps gifted you a recessive gene which stops hair growth after certain period of time.
  2. Stress: It happens to be the most common cause for premature hair loss. Although temporary, whenever a person undergoes a physical or mental stressful event such as an illness, surgery, depression, thyroid disorder will lead to a drastic loss of hair volume in the next 3 months. This is however temporary and then new hair growth occurs eventually.
  3. Pollution: While genetics and genes play a role, pollution is a very strong catalyst for hair loss. Air and water pollution have damaged the health of the hair follicles causing early rupture and death. Stem cells from which hair arises are damaged due to various pollutants including the water we take bath from.
    Recently there has been an increasing trend to color the hair and style it with various chemicals. These chemicals are not well tested clinically and are the major cause of premature death of the hair follicles. These not only destroy the follicles but also cause decreased girth and length of the hair making them thinner and drier. Shampoos which are directed to maintain hair health rob moisture off the hair causing increased dryness and eventually hair loses their essential nutrients and stops growing.
  4. Poor Nutrition: It is a hectic lifestyle we are all living. We stress ourselves so much that we ignore certain vital issues about our health. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should be rich in protein. And since today “Time is money”, there are two most common things that occur. Either we skip it or we eat junk early in the morning. Apart from all the other parts of the body, hair needs proper nutrition. Hair is actually a major portion of protein called keratin and for this, we need to consume adequte protein. Proteins are necessary for various processes in our body. When the protein is not adequately consumed externally, body utilizes all the proteins for vital functions leaving hairs deprived of protein for its nourishment. Hence there is imminent hair loss due to poor nutrition.

What is Male Pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia?

The loss of hair in male balding is the result of a gradual reduction in the duration of anagen and a prolongation of the latent period of the hair cycle, and miniaturization of terminal hair follicles. Pre-pubertal boys universally have a straight frontal hairline. By the age of 20 over 90% of men demonstrate some degree of fronto-parietal recession of the hairline.
Hereditary hair loss accounts for 95% of all hair loss.

There is even a classification known as Hamilton Norwood classification for the assessment of hair loss in male pattern baldness. Seven stages have been described starting from minimal changes to complete baldness. Most men realize the hair loss when they are in Norwood stage 3. It is not a time to realize but to act on it.

What can be done?

Unfortunately for androgenic alopecia, there has been no successful curative medicine yet discovered. But the catalysts and other factors that accelerate the process of baldness can be stopped. Apart from maintaining good nutrition and hair care and preventing exposure to dust and pollution, medical advances have brought forward various drugs that prevent hair fall. To name to most used drugs

  1. Minoxidil: This is a miracle drug which when applied will increase the scalp circulation and supply rich nutrients to the hair follicles making them grow back. The side effects are plenty starting from itching of the scalp to irritation, dryness, stickiness.
  2. Finasteride: This is another potential drug which can halt hair fall. This drug inhibits male hormones which stop hair growth on the scalp. The side effect of this drug is decreased libido. Now tell me, why would you want to keep the hair for impressing women mostly, and pay a cost for it such as decreased libido?
  3. Hair Transplantation: Why should every solution to a medical problem be to go under the knife? Surgery is prolonged, unsuccessful most of the times.

After failing at each treatment and wishing against going for surgery I thought of other methods.
Natural methods that were used from generations together. I discovered that some of these minerals and vitamins actually concentrate on maintaining hair health. But all these methods were highly cumbersome. To apply on my scalp and wait for 30 minutes and rinse. All these procedures were time consuming and eventually I’d give up.

Waiting for almost a year I came across this highly researched product called Follicle Rx which was just a capsule. A capsule a day for my hair loss. I had spent a lot on worthless treatment but this one came with a scientific data and the ingredients were what I had read for natural hair growth supplements. I investigated this further:

The ingredients in this capsule were

  1. Biotin
    It is a Vitamin B7 of the Vitamin B complex, a water-soluble vitamin necessary for fatty acid synthesis and rapid cell growth. It strengthens hairs and increases follicular growth.
  2. Horsetail:
    Selenium and silica in this ingredient is known to improve sheen texture and strengthen hairs as well as nails and bones. Selenium is also a rare element which promotes uptake of Iodine into thyroid gland. And thyroid is a promoter for hair growth.
  3. B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

This vitamin clears away debris in the hair follicle and prevents itching and flaking caused by dandruff.

  1. PABA(Para-Amino benzoic Acid)

PABA helps build keratin in the hairs keeping it healthy for a long time which prevents early greying of hairs and helps transport nutrients to the hair for its growth.

FollicleRx is a clandestinely prepared composition of complex matrix of sea-polysaccharides, natural oils and proteins. These ingredients stay on the follicles and hair strands constantly repairing them and stimulating hair growth.

What can I expect from this?

You did not lose your hair overnight. Likewise don’t expect it to regrow overnight.  Follicle Rx acts on your hair immediately, begins its work. But to get visible results it takes a minimum of 4 months duration. But it is very important to use FollicleRx every day for maximizing and maintaining the result.

How will be my progress?

  • During the first few weeks of use the anaphase stage is being stimulated and there may be a temporary increase in hair shedding. This is a good sign that the new growth cycle is beginning.
  • The older hairs are shed paving way for the new ones that last. You might see the new hairs sprouting in one month’s duration.
  • The new strands could be soft and colorless at first. But will gain the splendor and color soon after.
  • Continue using FollicleRx for maximum results.

What does Follicle Rx do?


Don’t consider your baldness as a part of life and get going with it. There is a solution out there that is 100% successful and affordable. Follicle Rx is a natural product that is a concocted mixture of elements that were keeping our hair healthy from generations. A hassle-free formula, no more applying on the scalp or getting your hands sticky. Take one capsule a day and notice your bald scalp grow the hair shiny, thick and long.

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