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South Beach Diet Review: Is this a Perfect Diet for Lean Body?

South Beach Diet Review: Is this a Perfect Diet for Lean Body?

Increasing weight is a significant problem in the world, which has become a cause of concern in many countries. People who are overweight have diabetes to heart problems.

Many nations government health departments are conducting research and coming up with solutions, which are ineffective.

The growth in the medicine and supplements industry for the weight loss is rapidly increasing. From expensive weight loss programs, liposuction, and cheaper medicines are causing a lot of issues to the overweight people.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has banned several supplements, programs, and surgery in past five years.

You can find millions of products online, which promises you to burn over 20LBS within a matter of weeks, which mostly doesn’t work. Some of the so-called natural products turn out to be supplements that are made from a combination of chemicals and artificial ingredients that can take a toll on our body.

SouthBeachDiet Review

South Beach Diet started as a book, which has sold millions of copies around the world. The best selling book was all about diet planning, which has changed many people lives.

The book was not promoting anything or selling any products expect teaching people what diet is about. The best selling book from 2013 is advantageous because it removes all myths that have been going around for a long time and people believe it.

The book also reveals the true nature of the diet and how experts maintain their physic despite eating an unbalanced food.

Anyways, the book has been successful, which has given birth to an unexpected fruit, which has turned out to be “Four-week weight loss program.” The four-week plan is not a book, but it is a plan that has implemented into a diet program, which enables you to follow a proper diet by serving the food provided by the makers.

#1 SouthBeachDiet Objectives

If the superior part is not comprehensive, then we will make it simple for you. The whole diet plan is about serving you Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snacks, and Dinner, which are made by the SBD. If you plan to lose weight, then the makers will provide you food, which you have to consume for specific times a day for next four weeks.

Now let’s look at the objective and motto of the makes, who have a vision for you.


  1. To provide all-natural delicious meals to the consumers.
  2. Help the consumers plan their diet correctly and help them lose weight with lesser efforts.
  3. No consumer should compromise, and the comfort level maintained.
  4. The makers have mentioned fat in the foods. The plan is to avoid foods that have rich fats like saturates, which replaced with the heart-healthy foods like the Nuts and Olive oil. Not only that, the diet will include foods that do not have fatty proteins and unhealthy fats.
  5. The protein in the foods will be of different stages (From a molecule standpoint.) The diet aim is to provide you delicious food and ensure that your diet is not imbalanced.

These are the primary objectives of the company that has in their plan for you.

#2 SouthBeachDiet Benefits

South Beach Diet is promising plenty of things, which will make people happy who are making an effort to lose weight. There is no doubt that the plan does not have any supplements expect food, which has several benefits. The company has mentioned these

  1. No more dieting, you can eat seven meals a day while losing weight.
  2. You can have foods containing lots of protein, such as eggs, beef, cheese, poultry, veggies, and more.
  3. The foods also include veggies which have low glycemic indexes, such as tomatoes, spinach, and broccoli.
  4. No artificial flavours, colours, sweetness, and other ingredients are not added to the meals.
  5. To nourish consumers and satisfy the needs of the consumers, heart-healthy meals added to the store.

Other benefits are,

  1. They are not expensive as many programs out there, which is a plus point for most of you.
  2. None of the meals include added preservatives, which means you get to have freshly made meals. Everyday meals will be delivered to your doorstep.
  3. The diet plans also offer you tools, which helps you to track your weight, customized meal plan, community support. dinning-out guides, and more. The first seven days will be free-of-cost, then you have to pay $5/week for the membership.

For Vegetarians, the meals will be adjusted to green veggies, which can provide you an equal amount of balanced diet.

  1. The diet has been structured very carefully for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Proteins in the lean meat replaced by beans, soy products, and legumes.
  2. If you are vegetarian, then you can access the separate menu, where you can find only VEGANS FOOD.
  3. The pricing will remain the same (There will be a fluctuation in the pricing sometimes.)

A whole menu is available for the Vegans.

#3 SouthBeachDiet Ingredients

The entire diet plan leads to the food consumption, which is the part where many people get to have their worries. Almost 60% of the weight loss programs and ideas out there has a negative side of it, which we are not aware of it until we suffer.

South beach diet is famous around the world but primarily consumed in the United States of America. The diet plan is not available outside of the USA because of the limitations.


  1. According to the makers, the meals are all-natural food, which prepared from natural ingredients.
  2. The recipes have been modified by the nutrition, to ensure that you are getting the natural health-food without having any adverse effects.
  3. The recipes include ingredients like (Non-vegan)  Poultry, Beef, Chicken, Eggs, Cheese, (Vegan) Spinach, Green leaves, Beans, Canola oil, Virgin-oil, Avocado, Broccoli, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Potatoes, and more.

If you are a foodie and you want to shed few pounds at the same time, then you have to spend a little more on delicious food like Tropical almond bar, Cherry almond bar, and more.

#4 SouthBeachDiet Package & Diet Plan?

We have covered several topics here but it is confusing for you to comprehend how the whole process works, and most you have no earthly idea, how the whole weight loss diet carries out. We are going to fill that gap and tell you how it works.

1 – Package or Plan

There are three phases of the plan, which will help you reach your goal. We are going to list down everything you need to know.

These three phases will help you lose 8 LBS to 13 LBS (According to the company.)

  • Phase one – Body Reboot.
  • Phase two – Steady Weight Loss
  • Phase three – Final step to lose 8 LBS to 13 LBS.

If your goal is above 13 LBS, then you have to continue the plan until you have hit your target.

Coming to the meals. You can have seven meals on a day.

  • 7 AM Breakfast – You can choose from many breakfast meals like Ham & Veggie Frittata.
  • 10 AM Morning snacks – Everything on the menu is lightweight.
  • 1 PM Lunch – The menu looks very delicious, Home-Style Chicken & Brown Rice.
  • 4 PM Evening snacks – You can have boiled eggs and carrot sticks.
  • 7 pm Dinner – You can have Sesame-Glazed Beef & Veggie Bowl.
  • 9 PM Snacks – You have fresh raspberry.

So, how do the three phases work?

First Phase – Body Reboot

The first phase has planned very carefully because you will face minor challenges, where you have to avoid having non-diet foods. The first weeks is when you are going to lose the most amount of weight.

The meals will be delivered to your doorstep, and you will be given Chicken Almondine, Caribbean Inspired Chicken, shakes like chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry”, Beef, and more.

In the two weeks, your body will experience a significant change in both workout and diet, within one week of the period, your body will get used to it. These pre-made meals will have a good impact on your body, and you will get used to the meals.

You will receive the meals for five days, rest of the two days, and you are on your own. You have to make a smart decision on what type of food are you going to take in Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Keep one thing in your mind, the two days which you are going to plan yourself will be the key to success.

The rich, healthy fats and lean protein will help you in reduce your appetite and also reduce your craving for refining and sugar foods. The urge to have food whether you are hungry or not will be cut.

Second Phase – Body Reboot

The second phase is a warm phase, where your body has accepted the changes for long-term benefits. During this time you will continue to lose weight and also reach the goal of 8 LBS to 13 LBS of fat.

There will be changes in your diet, where your meals will change a little. You will be served with unprocessed food that has less sugar, fruits, veggies, and home-style foods.

In the second phase, you will be delivered food for only five days, which means, you have to prepare your food on weekends. Like we have mentioned that you have to work a little harder to keep yourself in control and make a smarter decision.

If you don’t feel like cooking, so dinning-out would be an ideal option, right? You will get a dining-out guide to make smart decisions. Do not worry the South beach diet team give you instructions to provide you recipes, which you can buy and prepare at your home with little effort.

NOTE: Fitness guide and tips will be included in the package so that you can pump up the weight loss process.

Third Phase – Final days

According to the makers, they have claimed that you will hit the target by the third phase. You have two choices, if your goal is to lose 13 LBS, then you have to continue the plan or else you can do it on your own.

#5 Does SouthBeachDiet Works?

We have explained several aspects of the products or the plan, where you have to consume meals prepared by the team for next three weeks. The whole procedure doesn’t ask you to diet or skip meals or reduce consumption of a specific ingredient.

  1. The meals are prepared from natural ingredients.
  2. Almost every meal is prepared using Home-style methods.
  3. The taste will be slightly different because the team has modified the ingredients to reduce unhealthy fat.
  4. You don’t have to skip any meal. Instead, you can have seven meals a day, which is quite fascinating considering you will lose weight having seven meals.

There is no doubt that the company has made plenty of claims, which seems like they are fooling around but they have clinically proven and research results to back up their story. Overall speaking “IT WORKS.”

RESULT – You can try.



There are chances that you will be disappointed by the results, but the meals have no ADVERSE effect on your body, which is the best thing about the South Beach Diet.

#6 Does SouthBeachDiet Workout?

We are adding this part because you cannot find it on the official website until you dig deeper.

The meals help you lose weight around 8 LBS – 13L BS, but they never claimed you don’t have to make any extra effort like “Exercise and Workout,” do you know why?

  • It’s called smart strategy, where you don’t mention selling killing points.
  • They did mention “In the corner” the world “GYM.

You have to exercise every day, and the cheapest way to get healthy is Walking (Half an hour a day.)


Dr. Arthur Agatston is the man who has invented the plan “South Beach diet.” The experienced doctor has seen plenty of people suffer from heart problems and treated them.

The best selling author said that “It not about having low-carbs or high-carbs diet, it all about having the right carbs in your diet food.”

Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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