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In today’s fast-paced world, we have several conditions that limit us from achieving our true potential. One such limitation is the disorder of varicose veins. Veins are blood vessels that carry blood from different corners of the body back to the heart for circulation.

For this they must be highly compliant, elastic and unidirectional, wherein they have to carry only from one direction i.e. towards the heart.

This function is achieved by a beautiful architecture called valves, which maintain unidirectional blood flow. In Varicose veins, the superficial veins tend to lose their elasticity, valves are damaged and blood flows backwards leading to pooling of blood that can be seen as a nasty bulged swelling under the skin. They usually occur in the legs, but can also form in other parts of the body, mainly arms.

Risk Factors

This disorder affects mostly those who are standing for more than 4-5 hours on a daily basis such as Traffic Policemen, Teachers, Surgeons, any work that involves prolonged standing at one place.

One might think they’re never going to get it, when such a condition like this might, unfortunately, strike people who are having a sedentary lifestyle as well! IT workers, pregnant females, overweight people. Another major risk factor for such a disease in smoking, which damages all vessels in the body including superficial veins.


It is very much easy to avoid treatment to this latent deadly disease because varicose veins do not cause pain in the initial stages and majority perceive this to be a cosmetic defect only. But on getting enlightened with the complications one might regret ignoring this disorder.

  1. Thrombosis: The veins may thin out and merge into the skin finally rupturing, leading to bleeding that is non-stop!
  2. Infection: Such a bleed is a heavenly niche for bacteria and your beautiful leg could invite a wide variety of bacteria and you may develop non-healing ulcers!
  3. Clots: Due to prolonged pooling of blood they form minor clots within the damaged vessels. These clots can harbour many bacteria and fungi leading to an infection of the legs which starts discharging foul-smelling, thick, yellow-green pus! These clots can get dislodged into your circulation and go to the brain leading to stroke! It can go to your heart and block the little vessels that supply the heart and cause a heart attack!
  4. Deep Vein Thrombosis: The clots might enter the deeper section of the veins and block the blood circulation of the entire leg which is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis. In Deep vein thrombosis your deeper section of the veins are blocked and damaged which fails to carry any blood to the heart. Hence there is arrest of circulation of blood in this area leading to severe pain, loss of nutrient to the muscles and finally Gangrene! And what is the ultimate treatment for gangrene? Yes, amputation. Removing the entire limb.

What can be done?

Normally, to a layman who gets this disease feels the only problem to be a cosmetic defect.

Of course, no one wants an ugly leg but that is all there is to it and the first instinct to an easy way out would be to cover these up, wearing long clothes to hide them. But not every problem is known to be solved by concealing it. This condition can gradually progress until it is too late to do anything about it.

Now that we have understood about the problem, why it occurs and to whom it occurs, let’s get to know how to treat it!

If we analyze the problem in depth, we see that the only problem was an ugly deformity. Had we taken a right step at that time there would be no need to worry about its complications.


Now, there are a multitude of solutions to varicose veins, starting from the futile attempts at wearing elastic stockings which is not only a temporary solution but also a cumbersome procedure to wear and take off every day not to forget the strong presence of a cloth constricting your legs.

Another is taking a cocktail of drugs hoping for the condition to disappear which not only has many side effects, it also does not cure the problem. The last resort is surgery. Of course, it is the ultimate solution but how many of us wants to get a surgery done when there is a simple cream that can solve the entire problem? Yes. You heard it right. A cream that can solve the entire disorder of varicose Veins.


Varikostop is a highly effective product which emphasizes and works towards eliminating the very cause of varicose veins. The multitude of research has been conducted and thousands of patients treated with this simple product have been cured of varicose veins.  Ranging from blood clots to ulcers, Varikostop not only cures the effects of this condition but also stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the walls of the blood vessels.

What is this cream? Does it contain chemicals? Is it going to harm me than curing me?

Varikostop is a cream containing appropriate concentrations of natural ingredients that have been used by our forefathers to treat various illnesses successfully when modern medicine wasn’t even a term. With the advent of technology, research has been very vast and directed at results. The ingredients are

  1. Ginko Biloba extract: Rich in linalol esters, phenylpropane and ginkgolide, a unique substance expands the blood vessels and improves the strength and capacity of the veins. It also increases the elasticity of blood vessel walls which help in regaining the power to carry more blood to the heart. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory. Prostaglandins are substances released when there is an infection. This irritates the area where it is released and causes pain and swelling. Ginko is known to inhibit prostaglandin release which decreases the swelling, reaction and inflammation.
  2. Essential oils of lemon, soybean and coconut: This helps in moisturizing the skin and keeps the circulation normal thus preventing excessive sweating, skin tightness. Due to the increased circulation, there is high nourishment to the skin and increases its vitality.
  3. Sweet chestnut extract: This contains a tannin based on gamma-melatonin and flavonoids, it is a natural antioxidant and there is no generation of free radicals that are known to severely damage the vessels.
  4. Troxérutine: Looks like a chemical isn’t it? It can be isolated from Sophora japonica, the Japanese pagoda tree. It is a natural vasoprotector. Hence it decreases capillary permeability and fragility of the vessels. It has a P-Viramin based activity which reduces the oxidant generation process there by strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

A combination of these four ingredients in proper proportions have been mixed into a form of a cream, essentially curing the dreaded Varicose Veins.

How does this work on my Vessels?

  1. It helps to reduce venous distensibility and congestion: Acts at a micro-circular level and decreases the permeability of the veins there by strengthening them and increasing their resistance power, ensuring proper nutrition and blood circulation
  2. The veins appear much healthier as the nodules and swellings disappear as the blood circulation is normalized. Not only this, they have a generalized effect on all the vessels in the body improving the functioning of brain, heart and intestinal circulation.
  3. It strengthens the core of the venous system, their veins there by ensuring unidirectional blood flow.
  4. It restores the nerve connections and hence relieves the pain due to varicose veins
  5. When the disease is active it damages the vessel wall layer called the Endothelium. Due to this there is a lot of dead cells from this layer which further block the blood passage and makes the vessel thinner. Varikostop strengthens the endothelial layer and makes them more elastic thus preventing complications.
  6. Since there is an ongoing infection in varicose veins there is a lot of white blood cells, the soldiers of your body who destroy not only the bacteria but also our own platelets to some extent. Varikostop normalizes the number of immune cells and prevents white cells from destroying platelets.

How should I Apply this? And when will I see the results? I can’t go on for a year to see the results.

Follow these three steps and you’ll see results:

  1. Apply a sufficient amount of product to problem areas and wait until it is completely absorbed. Use on a daily basis (1-2 times a day).
  2. Apply it along the massage lines, along the lines of the veins.
  3. Mark 28 days on your calendar and watch with your own eyes to see the drastic improvement!

How safe is this? And what is the cost?

The ingredients used in this product are all natural and are known to have caused no side-effects in the thousands of people who have used this product.

Consider the general cost of procedures to treat varicose veins, drugs which cost more than Rupees 600 per month and should be used life-long(on an average 7000 per annum), stockings which range from 1500 and above which is a cumbersome task to put on and take off, the operation, ranging from 1.5 lakhs to 30lakhs in most western countries. Buy this cream at the lowest price and you will feel the instant gratification of curing your disease at this cost.


There are a variety of options to treat varicose veins. You have the right to choose the most convenient safe and economical choice of treatment. Varikostop has the safety you desire, under your budget, quality of the highest standards met by World Health Organization and the results which is a 100%. But whatever you may choose, never choose to ignore the disorder.

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